Russia Needs to Be Held Accountable for Chemical Weapons Usage

Russian anti-corruption activist and political opposition leader Alexei Navalny was recently poisoned by a rare nerve agent while residing in Russia. Alexei survived, and his health has recovered enough for him to shed light on what happened to the rest of the world. Alexei is demanding that Russia be held accountable for its corruption, human rights abuses, and the ignoring of the rule of law. Alexei posted a blog post describing the attempted assassination by Russia, and is demanding a call to action in response to the Russian government’s corruption, chemical weapons use, and terror tactics.

The Chemical Weapons Convention (CWC) treaty of 1993 signaled the international community’s stance against the use of chemical weapons, but so far has not been effective in deterring its illegal usage. According to leading researchers on Russian foreign policy Russia’s use of chemical weapons, such as in the case of this failed assassination attempt, highlights the failure of the CWC and the i…

Russian Cyber Security Threats Far From Over

Every American Citizen, every large corporation, and every government agency down to the local level has in some way been affected by cyber hacking. Today, we are aware of the threat personally and we go out of our way to protect our personal information. Still, that doesn’t mean someone we do business with that has our personal data won’t fall victim to a cyber hack or attack. Regardless of what you believe the cyber hacking risks are, it is a present danger. It’s a reality.

We’ve all heard by the media that Russia hacked our last presidential election, and while there is a lot of dispute about what actually happened in the Democratic National Committee hack, the incident does show the vulnerability to our most sacred trust – our free and fair elections. We don’t need to enumerate the endless times our personal financial data or at least our personal information has gotten into the hands of cybercriminals – we all remember the big Target Stores hack and the Experian Credit Agency hack…

NATO’s Final Frontier – Space?

It appears that The North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) has agreed, at least in spirit, that space is a military ‘operational domain’ and decisions in the future should be made accordingly. This is a sharp contrast to the thinking decades ago, where European Space Agency’s (ESA) 22-members had stated that space ‘must’ remain non-militarized, even as the U.S. and Russians continued to covertly plan for the future wars in space, or use of space assets for dual purpose – instruments of experimentation and weapons of war. What changed?

After all, the Russians and Americans both participated along with Europe, Japan and other nations in the ISS (International Space Station). Most all developed and even some less-than-developed nations have communication satellites. China has a robust space program, India too. After the cold-war with Russia we learned of secret and not so secret U.S. and Russian space weapons projects. Since then both China and India have downed their own satellites by…

Russia Continues Making Inroads into the Middle East: Saudi Arabia

Recent events have tilted the Middle East in favor of growing Russian hegemony. As Putin continues to employ his power-grab strategies, he is successfully making inroads for Russian influence in the Middle East and Arab world. This emerging trend has been given space for growth as a result of a different world power shifting its influence away from the region.

The U.S is withdrawing its physical presence from Syria and other areas in the Middle East, and as a consequence a power vacuum has emerged. Instead of many Middle Eastern countries or groups of people having greater influence over their own political futures as previous critics of U.S. foriegn policy might hope for, U.S. withdrawal is producing the opposite. Most of these smaller countries lack the capability to stand up to the influence of more powerful world and regional players who have an interest in the region.

Between Iran, Russia, and Turkey, influence in the Arab world previously exerted by the U.S. is being more for…

Putin The Conqueror Expands To South America

It's no secret Vladimir Putin wants Russia to be the great superpower again it was before the collapse of the USSR. It's also obvious that Putin wants to maintain relevance on the world stage. Russia is energy rich, politically astute, and has a reputation for a strong military - thus, a force to be reckoned with. It uses this power to its advantage across the globe as The Washington Times explains.

Russia's Middle East Meddling
In the Middle East Russia is working to establish stronger ties with Iran, assisting with a missile defense system (S-300) to prevent any future potential US strike. Meanwhile, Iran continues using proxy terrorist strategies across the Middle East as a method to serve its political will. And, of course, we know all too well what Russia has been doing in Syria propping up the Assad regime, while claiming to defend their Russian military port, now Russia has an airbase in Syria too. Today, Syria has been all but destroyed leaving a humanitarian disaste…

Turkey’s Erdogan Must Choose, F-35 or S-400?

The latest news that Turkey’s president, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, is making a deal to purchase weapons from Russia has upset many government officials across the West and the entirety of the NATO alliance. According to the FDD, experts on foreign policy, this latest action begs the question, should Turkey be allowed to participate in the cooperative F-35 program?

In recent years the NATO member country has been deepening its ties with Russia, and taken steps against the best interests of its Western allies under Erdogan’s rule. In addition to the direct actions they’ve taken against US military allies in Syria, and public displays of partnership with Vladimir Putin, Turkey has even kidnapped US citizens.

Any of these actions on their own would draw Turkey’s loyalty to the Western alliance into question, but what’s extra concerning is the news that Turkey intends to purchase the S-400 ground-to-air weapons system from Russia in addition to purchasing the US made F-35 planes. A move that, ac…

Russia Disinformation and Cyberwarfare

In recent days some experts have observed that Russia’s annual budget for cyberwarfare is less than the price of a single American F-35 jet. Which weapon has done more to shape world events? America might have the most well-financed military in the world, but if we’re to maintain our national security we’ll need to shift our way of thinking about how warfare is waged.

While the exact damage done by Russia’s interference is still not fully understood, it is quite clear that their information war was effective in transforming America’s political debate and dividing its population. Knowing what we know now about the detriment of misinformation and the DNC hackings it’s hard to imagine that at one point in recent history many considered the threat from Russia’s “troll army” to be laughable.

Many ignored it outright as a juvenile attempt to assert a fraction of the global influence that the former soviet union once held. However, the more and more we hear about the extent of the damage c…